When you think about a candy machine, the image of a giant bowl filled with a million tiny bubbles is likely to pop to mind.

But for the machine’s creator, Andy Ladd, it was a chance to make his dream come true.

He was looking to create a toy that would be a big hit in the toy industry, a hobby for his parents.

But his mother, Diane, had been a successful candy maker for years, and he thought the time had come to get out and make his own.

“We got to thinking that we might as well make a toy with some of the toys we had made for our own children,” Ladd said.

So, he bought a candy maker and began assembling toy pieces in the backyard, which he said was just about the coolest thing he’d ever done.

He built his dream machine on a piece of wood he found lying around in the garage.

When it was time to make the machine, Ladd used a combination of wood and cardboard to build a mold that would make the toy.

“I knew it was going to be a pretty difficult project,” Ludd said.

“The mold wasn’t very big.

I just put it in my yard, put it on my table and went to work.”

When Ladd started, he had only made a few dozen toys, including a few miniature robots and a few candy machines.

“It took a long time, but it worked out really well,” Luths father, Andy, said.

And with the help of the toy company that made the toy, LADD’s dream came true.

The candy machine had its first customers at the end of March, when the toy maker announced it would make 50,000 of them for the retail market.

The company has since sold more than 200,000 toys.

The toys are a hit at stores around the country and are now available at toy stores across the country.

The machine, which can be built with basic materials, is also being used as a Christmas gift for kids in schools.

“They’re so excited to see it,” Ladden said.

The toy maker says the machine will last for about three years, with the last toy in 2019.