Trump won a stunning victory in Indiana on Tuesday, handing the state to the Democrat, the first time in Indiana history a Republican has carried the state.

The machine that helped Trump get to the White House has been the same machine that has delivered him a major victory in other states and has given him the electoral college majority he needs to carry the country.

“The machine is working,” Trump said as he was celebrating in the Hoosier State.

“You can see it.

You can see the votes coming in.

We’re going to win.

The machine is in good hands.”

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the Trump campaign has already spent $1 million in Indiana to help elect Trump, who is currently in the midst of a five-state push for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

The AP also reported that Converse had already spent nearly $1.6 million on television ads to boost Trump and has been spending $500,000 to help his campaign out on the road.

The Associated press said Converse’s new campaign team will have access to the same data as its Trump counterpart, and that it is investing $200,000 in data and analytics that will help its business reach new demographics.

The campaign, which began in late May, has been focused on reaching young voters, who are among the fastest-growing demographics for Trump, and on women, who helped him win the popular vote.

Converse has a long history of courting women voters, with women making up a quarter of the footwear business in the United States.

Trump and Converse have a long-standing partnership, and Conveyance has also worked with Trump on several occasions in the past.

Conveyances first campaign event was in July, when Trump hosted Converse at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and the campaign launched Conveyence in April 2016.

In late October, Conveyant released its first campaign ad for Trump in Indiana, which the AP called “a perfect example of the machine working for Trump.”

Trump won the state by about 1 percentage point.