A snow cone making machine has been installed at a busy Toronto area shopping centre.

The machine uses a circular design to make the perfect snow cone.

It is powered by a generator.

This machine is designed for use with children and is the perfect solution for people with a family to share.

This snow cone is made of cardboard and features an automatic spinning mechanism.

It comes with a large display screen.

This is not a toy machine.

This one is an actual snow cone maker.

The operator can make up to 20 of the machines at a time.

The snow cone makers can make a total of about 10,000 snow cones per day.

The machines can be set up in front of customers to display different themes such as Christmas or Easter.

Snow cones are the favourite decoration for many Christmas and Easter events.

The centre has more than 500 snow cones, many of which are donated to local charities.