As we mentioned, we’re still in the early stages of the Xbox One’s launch, but it looks like the console is already looking more than capable of running in the dark.

The Xbox One S is also currently running in darkness, which means that when you turn on the console you can turn on a number of features including the gamepad, motion sensors, and even the Xbox app.

There are also many apps that are built specifically for Xbox One.

For instance, you can play games on the Xbox App with the Kinect or use your voice to navigate the Xbox Live store.

Xbox One also supports the new Game DVR, which lets you record your gameplay sessions from the console.

The most important feature of the console right now is its ability to play games in the shade, and it looks as though the Xbox has gotten much better with this feature since launch.

We’ve seen plenty of games run in darkness on consoles before, but this new feature is an important addition for fans.

In addition, the Xbox will also be able to use a projector and its Kinect sensor to create a 360-degree view of your game play experience.

It sounds as though this feature is only available to select developers and is available in beta and will only be available for Xbox Ones starting at launch.

That said, we’ll have a full review on the system when it launches in just a few days.