A machine which can produce snow cones has been unveiled at an event in the Irish capital.

The machine was made by the company Snow Coaster, which has a 100-year history.

It uses a water gun to mix a thin layer of liquid with the air and a needle to thread the cone, which is then inserted into a machine.

The device, which measures about six by seven inches, is able to produce hundreds of thousands of snow cones every year, according to a company spokesperson.

It can be made using traditional sewing machines, which require a lot of manual dexterity, or machines which can be controlled by a computer.

The company says it has created an eco-friendly, high-tech, machine that uses no toxic chemicals and emits no carbon dioxide.

The Snow Coasters Snow Cup is one of the few machines that can be used to sew a wide variety of fabric and colours.

The machine uses a variety of materials to make it, including cotton, linen, wool and fabric, and has a lifespan of 50 years.

It can be purchased for about €3,500.