By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest invention in the world of sewing: the hand-held sewing box.

The idea behind the device is to make it easier to sew a hand-made garment while also having a large capacity for large-scale projects.

Now, with the introduction of the $150 Handheld Sewing Machine from GHS, we can finally take that idea and turn it into reality.

The new machine, which will be available at some of the world’s biggest retailers, features an upgraded, compact design with a metal frame and a full-metal sleeve for attaching cables and other accessories.

The new machine has an added benefit: the company is also selling an improved version of the original GHS product.

The old model was designed to be used for sewing large-capacity garments and required the use of a machine that required a sewing machine and needle.

GHS’s new product will fit right in at your home and even out the cost.

The Handheld Sewing Machine is a bit of a departure from the traditional machine used for hand-sewing garments.

Instead of using a small sewing box that you attach to your machine, this new version has a metal body and sleeve for attachment of any accessories.

That means you can attach an extension cord to a machine, hook up an elastic band to a garment, and have a full fabric backing for a larger garment.

The design allows the machine to be much smaller than the old model, making it a little more portable.

The company is selling this machine at more than 20 stores, including Macy’s and Target, and it’ll be available in March.

In addition to its new design, the Handheld Hand Sewing Box will feature a wider range of sewing tools.

The brand is offering a full range of thread, threadlocker, needle and scissors, and also has a selection of machine washable, disposable and reusable cloths.

While you can purchase them from Ghs directly through its website, you can also get them through other online retailers.

This is where the new model comes in.

Unlike the previous model, this one will not be made by GHS.

Instead, the company will be selling this model through its partners, including Bumble and Bumble, the makers of the Bumble Bee.

This means that the company can offer the model at the same price and in the same size as its older model.

There are no plans to make this a reseller.

It’s unclear whether the brand will continue to sell its products through Bumble or whether it will simply continue to manufacture its own products through its own channels.

While the company isn’t saying when this new model will be on the market, the new product comes at a good time.

We’re in the midst of the peak of the global economic downturn and there is a lot of pressure on small businesses to start reaping the benefits of these new manufacturing innovations.

That’s a good thing for consumers, especially in a time when the price of goods and services are dropping.GHS also offers the new version of its GHS Sewing Station, which was released in 2017.

This machine has a similar design to the current one, and offers the same functionality and functionality upgrades.

There’s a whole host of other sewing accessories and sewing machines that will be released this year, including a variety of fabric and thread types.

Ghs also launched a new line of hand-sleeve sewing machines last year, and this time around it’s offering a wider selection of materials.

The first model features a durable nylon fabric, a more traditional design, and is available at $199.

Ghrs also has the option of offering a machine wash-able version of each of its products, but it has yet to announce whether that option will be a standard feature or whether the company would instead offer a disposable version.