When you’re watching a game, it’s not your job to help the game’s outcome, according to the NFL.

But if you do your job, there’s a chance the outcome might be different.

The NFL is facing off in a playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday.

If the Bengals lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, they will clinch the AFC North Division title.

And if the Bengals beat the Bengals in the regular-season finale, the Steelers will clinch home-field advantage in the AFC Playoffs.

There are five games in the playoffs, but the first two games are in Pittsburgh.

And in the case of a tie, it will go to a first-round playoff game.

The Steelers won the last time the Bengals played in Pittsburgh, in 2012, and that game went to overtime.

But there’s another possibility: if the Steelers lose to Cincinnati, they’ll win the AFC South, which would give them home-court advantage in a first round playoff game that could be decided by two teams from the NFC South.

This is the same scenario the NFL faced in 2011 when it faced off in the first round against the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints.

The Bears won the game by one point, but it was a tie after two overtime periods, and the NFL decided to keep the game in Chicago for the rest of the regular season.

It was the first time in league history that two teams played in the same game in the third round.

There’s no way to know if the same could happen in 2017, when the Bengals face the Steelers in Cincinnati.

And even if the NFL doesn’t have a playoff format, the league has made changes to its playoff format this season.

The league voted in December to change the way the regular seasons were played, and then the teams are playing each other for a wild-card spot in the postseason.

There is no way the NFL can guarantee that all teams will play each other in the fourth round of the playoffs.

The only way the playoff format can change is if there is a sudden and unexpected change.

That happened in the 2011 AFC Championship Game, when Miami defeated Buffalo to win the Super Bowl.

But the NFL said the game was already tied before the Bills came in.

The game was played as a wild card game, so the NFL was left with no other options.

It’s unclear how that will work in the 2017 playoffs.

How does the NFL determine who will play in each of the six playoff games?

Teams will have to submit their rosters to the league by January.

That process is then conducted in the middle of January, during which time teams can’t change the roster.

The commissioner and the league office will then conduct the draft of players in March.

All that is left to do is make sure each team’s roster meets the minimum requirements for each of those games.

But before teams can submit their roster to the draft, they must agree to not make any changes.

There have been some big changes to the playoff rules this season: There will be a one-game playoff format for the first three rounds of the postseason, and teams will only have one home-and-home series in the season, which means the Steelers and Bengals will have one game at home.

There will also be an extra-inning playoff for the second game of the first- and third-round series.

The extra-in-one game is for two teams to decide if they want to go for it, and if they don’t go for the extra-ins, it can be decided the following day.

It is also a way for teams to prepare for a potential game in a wild game.

There has been talk of using a wildcard system, where the first team in the wild card round of a playoffs would have the opportunity to make a comeback to the postseason and play in the conference championship game.

That is something the NFL has tried before in the past, but this year, there is an additional way to play it out.

The idea is that the first and third teams would play in a divisional round playoff.

The second and fourth teams would have to play in one-and.

If both teams win that game, then they would be allowed to make the wild-Card Round.

So if the first, second and third seeds win the divisional rounds, the second and fifth seeds would have a shot at making the postseason in the next round.

This would be the first wild-and playoff system to be used since it was implemented for the 2014 AFC Championship game.

It would give teams more of an opportunity to get the chance to win in the best-of-seven series.

And teams will have an extra day to prepare and have their rosters submitted to the Draft by January 7.

And the first game will not have to be played in Cincinnati, as the Bengals were forced to play the Pittsburgh