The sewing machine giant announced plans Friday to shut down its most popular machines.

The Target Sys-Nomad Machine Shed and Target Sizing Machine Shed will shut down on July 13.

The Shed, which had a $5 million annual sales revenue, had about 1,100 machines, while the Sizing Machines had 1,200 machines.

In a press release, Target said it plans to replace the machines with new ones.

“The Shed and Sizing machines will be replaced by new machines that will provide a better experience for shoppers,” Target said.

“Target will continue to offer customers the convenience of shopping from our stores, as well as our Target gift cards and online shopping.

Target Sizes will continue through the end of July.

For more information, visit”

Target said the Sheds were “designed to deliver the perfect fit for our customers.”

But shoppers complained of poor customer service, poor quality and poor results.

“When I ordered the Sizers, I was disappointed.

The machine shed was great for a little under $400, but the Sizer had no instructions on how to use it, so it was difficult to know what to do,” one customer wrote on a Target support forum.

Target has said the Sizemakers are designed to be used by two people and that it has a “strong commitment to our customers,” and it has offered to buy the machines back.