When you want to add a second coffee machine, you need a way to extend the length of the back of the machine.

You can either use a back extension (an extension to the front of the coffee machine) or use the side of the espresso machine to extend and extend the front.

There are two options for this: either the front or the side.

The extension can be either a rubber or metal extension, depending on how much space is left on the coffee.

If you want the extension to extend more than 2 cm, you can use the rubber extension, and if you want it to extend only 1 cm, the metal extension.

For the first machine, the rubber is ideal because you can hold the coffee for up to 2 seconds and you will be able to extend it with your thumb.

For the second machine, however, you will want to use a metal extension to avoid any risk of coffee spilling from the back, as the metal will cause the coffee to spill from the top and the bottom.

To extend the extension with the metal, take your thumb out of the extension and press it against the back end of the cup.

The coffee will begin to move up and down.

To continue the process, remove your thumb from the extension.

If it does not move, you may need to turn the extension 90 degrees.

If the extension does move, hold your thumb on the side and the coffee will come out.

To use the extension, take out the back part of the front extension and replace it with a metal part.

For each coffee, the front and the side will need to be aligned.

To align the two sides, you must push the metal part in the opposite direction from the front part, making sure that the metal portion of the extensions is facing the opposite side of your coffee.

For an espresso machine, this is a very easy task.

Just place the front extensions in the middle of the cups, and the extension is held in place with the back.

The extension will then extend only a small distance from the coffee cup, so the back portion will be held in line with the front one.

This way, the coffee is able to be held for only a few seconds and it will not spill any coffee.

If you want, you could even put a rubber band around the extension in order to prevent coffee spilling.

It is very important to keep the extension at least 2 cm away from the surface of the side you want your coffee to sit on, because the extension will bend and push the coffee away from that side.

To make the front-side extension, simply place the coffee in the center of the table, as you would with a regular extension.

The extensions will extend about 2 cm (1 inch) from the base of the chair.

Once you have put the coffee, you should be able for it to sit perfectly flat on the table.

To finish off the front, place the extension on the end of your arm and push it against your elbow.

This will extend the coffee up to 3 cm (2 inches) from where you placed the extension earlier.

The same is true for the side extension.

You may want to put the extension down about 3 cm from the side where the coffee sits.

The back extension has to be done the same way.

Just put the front piece in the corner, the extension should be about 1 cm (0.3 inch) away from it.

Now, turn the coffee over and press the extension against the coffee side.

The front piece should then extend 1 cm to the side, while the side piece should extend 1.5 cm to it.

It may be hard to tell if you are extending the coffee slightly or slightly more than before, but the extension needs to be about the same height as the coffee that it is holding.

Now that you know how to make the back-side coffee extension, you are ready to go.

Make sure to cover the coffee before using it to add the coffee back.

This is important so that it does no damage to the espresso.

It also helps to remove the coffee from the machine, and you should also cover the top of the base, as this will also prevent the coffee spilling any coffee into the espresso cup.