A new microdermal cleaning machine is on sale for $1,499 on Amazon.

The machine can take the dirt out of your carpeting, and is meant to be used on a regular basis by children.

The machine, called the MicroderMabbing, uses a laser to separate out the dirt from your carpets.

The robot then applies the mixture to a surface, and it takes about three minutes to finish the job.

“I think kids are actually going to really like this, because it’s a really simple machine,” said co-founder and CEO John D. Clark.

“If you’re going to have a kid, you need a machine that’s going to do the same job.”

Microdermabs is a new business that is aimed at kids and their parents.

It is being marketed as a self-cleaning machine that will allow parents to take the “dirty” out of their carpets, and they’ll also be able to make their own crafts and decorate the machines with their own materials.

“They’re going after kids, who need a little help with that, so they’re not going to be able really do it on their own,” said Clark.

The company is also trying to get more parents to give it a try.

“It’s an interesting business, it’s just a really good product,” said Dan H. Zajac, CEO of Zajacs Inc. of Winnipeg.

“There are a lot of people who aren’t really interested in it.”

For Clark, it is the first step towards creating a self service cleaning system for parents that is available to anyone, anytime.

“We are going to see the demand for this, so hopefully that will happen,” said the CEO.

“And then we’ll see if this is a great product or not.”

The company’s website lists the machine’s specifications as:• $1.49 for a 5-year subscription to Microdermis.• 5-minute job per week for $59.99• 5.5% discount on all Microderms.• Free postage on orders over $100.• $29.99 in-store pickup at the Canada Post office.• 15-minute cleaning times for $29 with free shipping.• 100-hour warranty on all machines.

Microdermis was founded in 2013 and started as a single company.

Now it has four locations across Winnipeg.

The business started with Clark working in the kitchen and later moved to the garage.

He says it was important to create an accessible product for parents.

“There’s not a lot to get into it, and so you need to get it to them,” he said.

“You need to be very accessible, and you need the product to be accessible.”

Clark said the company was able to find a way to make the machines affordable.

He hopes that more parents will start buying the machines.

“The market for this has really been going down, so there’s really a lot more opportunity out there to have these machines,” he added.