A new generation of machine-making machines is being designed to help the Australian manufacturing sector cope with a surge in demand for its services.

Key points:A new generation – or “computerized sewing” machines – is being developed to help manufacturing in the Australian industryThe machines could also be used for small manufacturing tasks and to help manufacturers in developing nationsThe machine is being used in the manufacturing sector in Australia, with the first machines due to roll out this year.

Key features of the new machine include:A flexible, plastic frame is attached to a central frame that allows the machine to be moved up and down in any direction.

A central screen lets the operator see and control the machine from within the machine, which is also powered by batteries.

The operator can change the position of the machine at will, or set a different speed for the machine.

The machines are made from an alloy that is both lightweight and durable.

It also includes a camera, which can be used to view the machine’s movements in real time, as well as a 3D scanner to see how the machine is working and the machine itself.

Australian manufacturing giant Husqvarna is among the firms being involved in the project.

“The world is a much bigger place now and it’s changing in such a rapid fashion and we need to keep up with that,” Mr Hahn said.

“It’s really exciting that we can make a difference to the lives of those who are working in the field, the people who are making these machines.”

The company says it is also developing new manufacturing methods and technologies, which will help it compete with more advanced competitors.

The new machine will be used in Australian manufacturing.

“Our machine can be operated with a range of different machines,” Husqvara Manufacturing CEO Mark Hahn told ABC News.

“For example, it can be programmed to produce a particular material or a particular shape or it can produce a certain amount of pressure, which you can control.”

The machines will also be able to be used as a workshop tool, such as for small-scale production or for small tasks such as assembling an item.

“We’re really excited about the possibilities that these machines can offer, and the fact that we’re able to make these things in a manufacturing facility is a really positive development,” Mr Wysocki said.

He said it was important that Australians have access to these new technologies.

“If you’re looking at the technology that’s coming into the world and the opportunities that are being created and how they can impact the lives and livelihoods of people in our country, then it’s really good to see the government stepping in to support that,” he said.