Kangen Water Machines has been making a comeback since its debut on the NHL’s home ice in 2013.

The machine, which can be used as a karaoke bar or a water fountain, is a popular device among hockey fans and was featured in the first movie starring Jason Sudeikis.

It is now available on the home gym market.

“We were always a bit sceptical about the karaokart but they did such a good job, we just decided to give it a try,” said Scott Cappellini, owner of KangenWaterMachines.com, which launched the machine last week.

“I really love it, and it’s been such a big hit with the fans.”

The machine features a sleek design, a large, circular water reservoir, a water filtration system, a timer, a remote control and a variety of other amenities.

The company has sold about 400 of the machines so far, and hopes to sell 10,000.

The water machine can be ordered online for $2,500.

Mr. Cappellsi said he hopes to have the kanga machines available in the NHL by the end of next year.

“If it goes well, I’ll be able to sell the machines at $3,000 and then get a big wave of orders,” he said.

The kanga machine is made by a company called Karate Machine, which also produces a number of other devices including a home gym machine.

Mr Cappelli said that while he doesn’t plan on selling his kanga devices on the hockey arena, he hopes it can find a home on the arena.

“When we do that, I think it will be a huge hit with our fans,” he laughed.

“It will have something special for them and for us.”