The prices for washing machine repairs and maintenance went up in 2018 to $3,250 per machine.

The average price was $3.65 per hour.

There were about 11,700 machines in Canada, including about 7,200 in the Greater Toronto Area.

“I’m glad to see the cost of cleaning up washing machine dust is down in Canada and I think it’s a positive sign,” said Rob Gendreau, president of the Canadian Automotive Repair Association.

“It means that there is some accountability on the part of the repair shop.”

The average repair bill in 2017 was $2,927.

This year’s average bill was $4,000, a 7.5 per cent increase.

The association also noted that it’s more expensive to replace parts in the repair process than it is to replace components.

The industry group said the average repair time for a washing machine was more than two years.