The vending machine that took the world by storm this past summer has now come back to life and is making waves in the Bitcoin world.

In this installment of CoinDesk’s CoinSpotter podcast, we explore the vending machine’s history, why it’s a popular toy, and what it’s all about.

The machine, dubbed the Coin Machine 2.0, was a Kickstarter project that raised over $40,000 to create a vending machine.

The machine has become an overnight phenomenon.

The vending machines were featured on the Ellen Show, and it even made its way to Reddit for a Reddit AMA last month.

“We’re doing this in a way that we’re really excited about it, but it’s also about bringing a bit of humanity back into the vending machines,” said John Sommers, founder of Coin Machine.

Sommers explained that the machines design is inspired by real-life vending machines.

“We are basically taking a vending device and creating something out of the box, which is really cool.”

The vending machine was designed to look like a vending ticket, but is actually a vending box that can be used as a machine.

There are two side-mounted slots on the side, with the machine opening up with a handle that can either be used to load up a product or open a vending cart.

The Coin Machine can be operated from a variety of different ways, including via a smartphone app or an external battery.

“This is one of the first vending machines that actually uses Bluetooth,” Sommes said.

“It has two speakers, so you can have a conversation while you’re operating it, or you can just have a sip of coffee.”

Sommer said the machine is a little more expensive than traditional vending machines, but that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“People are really enjoying the experience of being able to buy and sell bitcoins,” he said.