A new megacorporation has emerged from the ashes of a failed merger in the Israeli capital: the Haifa Megacorporations.

The company, known by its Israeli acronym, has just opened a new office in Jerusalem.

The new company, which is the first in Israel, is based on the technology that is used to generate electricity in the city.

This is what it is known for.

It is an energy-storage and solar power company, according to the company’s website.

The Haifa company said the new technology has been developed with the help of advanced engineering and design.

The new company will be based in the Hafa district.

The Haifa megacorp, which also has operations in Haifa and Kiryat Arba, was launched in November, and was expected to become the largest in Israel by early next year.

However, the merger fell apart.

Haifa megacharlets have struggled to compete with the new startups and have struggled financially.

In October, the Haaretz newspaper reported that the HaIFA megacorps had borrowed $5 billion to cover the cost of the merger.

The merger also left some of Haifa’s residents without electricity for weeks.

A spokesman for the city’s mayor said on Wednesday that the city is struggling to provide enough power to its residents, and that the power shortages could last for months.

A Haifa resident walks in the streets after the company that operates the Haiba Megacorp said it has been unable to provide electricity for its residents.

The city has a population of more than 100,000.

The mayor, Yossi Alsakher, said on Oct. 17 that he was “shocked” that the merger failed to produce a sustainable energy market for the region.