A piece of machinery that has become a symbol of mourning for a man who died of AIDS has been created by an Israeli couple.

Shoah Shalom machine was designed by Yoav and Yossi Cohen, who were diagnosed with HIV in 2010.

It was donated to the hospital by their doctor, who told them it would help them to get around in a wheelchair.

When they got home, they asked their daughter, Sara, if she would like to make a piece of art out of the machine, and she agreed.

The machine is a prosthetic arm that is attached to the prosthetic leg.

When a man gets infected with HIV, he is diagnosed with a new form of the virus, called “CID-2” and becomes one of the first cases of the disease.

The disease is extremely contagious, and in order to keep from spreading it, the body must first make antibodies to fight the virus.

A person infected with CID-1 will not be able to fight off the virus but will develop a resistance to the virus and will develop antibodies that can fight off infection.

In order to make the machine work, the machine must be repaired, and that means the machine has to be able work without its owner’s consent.

The couple has spent their lives making jewelry out of machine parts, and the piece of jewellery they made for the machine is their way of paying their respects to the man who lost his life fighting AIDS.

The piece of artwork, called Yoav’s Serger, is made out of a silver serger that is made by Shmuel’s jewellers in Tel Aviv, the couple told The Jerusalem Mail.

The pair has designed the piece with a variety of metals and materials.

The jewelry was created by Shlomo Shmiel, who has been an expert in jewellery and machine parts for more than 30 years.

Shmuel told The Mail that he started making jewellery out of machines and other items at the age of 15, and has made many pieces for the family.

One of his favorite pieces is a machine that he has made for himself, and it is his favourite piece of machine art.

It is made from silver serge, which is silver alloy and is used in many things, he said.

Another one of his favorites is a silver piece that he made for a friend and he has used it to make many pieces of jeweller’s jewelry, including a piece called Yoachs Serger.

He told The Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he first made it out of silver, and then it was made from brass, titanium and gold.

The jeweller said he does not think that the machine that the couple created is the most elegant piece of work, but that it was still beautiful.

The item was created out of metal that the pair has already used, and they said it has a great feel to it.

When the machine was donated by Shimon and Yishai Cohen, they decided to make something for the man that they had lost.

The machine is made of a metal serger made of silver and silver alloy, and is the second piece of serger in the collection.

It has the same shape as Yoach’s Serge, but is made with a more elegant design.

The duo said that the sculpture is also a way of thanking the man for his work, and for showing how much they care about his family.

They hope to sell the piece to a person who is sick, and if the buyer is willing to pay for the sculpture, they would have a lot of other pieces of art that they could display.

Shimon said that he would like the piece sold to someone who is not sick, but does not want it displayed.

“We have given up a lot to do this work, so the piece will be in a good condition for some time, and will be a nice addition to the collection,” he said, adding that the man was also an avid user of technology and he appreciated his work.

The man was a regular customer at the jeweller shop, and he was happy to see the piece in the shop.

“He is very kind and helpful, and would like it in his collection.

We have a good relationship with him,” Shmulos said.