Google News article Google is going all out to keep its search engine and news services fresh, but it’s also introducing a new tool for keeping its business partners updated.

The search giant is updating its “How-To” blog, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean, repair, and tune your washing machine, with an emphasis on getting it running again.

The new tool, dubbed How-To, will allow brands to share updates and get in touch with users.

The new tool comes in two parts: a new How-to that covers the basics of washing machines, and an “Updates” section that contains news articles, product reviews, and product photos.

It will be available in the Google News app, Google+ Blog, and Google Drive, and will be free for anyone who signs up.

Google’s latest update to its How-TO blog came out a month ago.

It was written by the founder of Google, Eric Schmidt, who is the company’s executive chairman.

In it, Schmidt outlined a number of ways that Google could improve its business and help people get their computers back to work.

Google will no longer support the software that it has been using to keep tabs on its users and help them stay up to date on the latest news, Schmidt wrote.

It is also making it easier for users to share the information they find on its website and get it featured on other websites.

Users can also share news about new products and services with other users, as well as other Google users.