The first knitting machine invented in Germany, which is about to be named the world’s most beautiful, has been named by a woman who made it her life’s work.

The machine, made by German designer and knitting machine enthusiast Maria Schmiedeck, was inspired by the woman’s work and its potential for good.

The Knitting Machine is a collaboration between the Knitting Museum and the company that makes it.

“I think it is the first machine of its kind in the world, and I believe that this is a great thing, especially when it is an industrial machine,” Schmieseck told The Associated Press.

The woman is an artist and knitter and is a founding member of the KnitLab, a knitting group.

Her husband is a professional knitter.

“The knitter’s work is always a pleasure,” Schmeiders said.

“It is so different from the industrial knitter, because he doesn’t work on a regular basis, and it is a lot easier for him to work with a very strong machine, which gives him the flexibility to use his hands more.”

The machine was designed by Maria Schmeideck, a German knitter who lives in Berlin, Germany.

(AP Photo/Dieter Beck, File) Maria Schmeseck and her partner, Daniel, are hoping that the Knitter Machine will help to make knitting more fun for people.

The couple said that when the first Knitter machine was launched in 2003, the first time that they saw anyone use the machine, the woman said she was impressed.

“She said that the knitter was like a magician, and she said that she was really surprised that this little machine could work.

I was amazed,” Daniel Schmiech said.

She said the machine was a real hit.

“Everyone thought that this machine was really special,” Schmesedeck said.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Schmesseck made another Knitter’s Machine, a machine that is now used by people across Europe and the U.S. The first Knitting Machines were created in Germany and the United Kingdom.

They were designed to be simple and comfortable, with a few bells and whistles.

The second Knitter Machines are more complicated, and have more bells and knobs.

The machines are used in Japan and Taiwan.

In 2017, a group of knitter friends from around the world decided to build their own Knitter.

They are making the machine in Switzerland, which was chosen because of its relatively easy access to the United States.

“We had the idea of making the machines in a small workshop, and that’s what we chose to do,” Schmeteck said of the design of the first version of the machine.

She also said that it took a while to find a design that was really easy to use, and so she had to learn the machines.

“But once I got the machine to work, I realized that I had to be very careful.

It’s not easy to make a machine with the knits on one side, and a knitted hat on the other,” Schmsedeck explained.

The new Knitter has a different shape and more bells than the first model.

The knits are all tied into one large ring.

The top of the hat has two buttons, which you press to switch between a regular pattern and a knitting pattern.

You also press down on the hat to turn the machine on.

“You can do two things with the hat.

You can either go to the right and knit or you can go to your left and knit,” Schmedeck explained, adding that the hat can also be turned up to the top and knit, too.

The other feature is that it has two knits.

“If you press the two knitted buttons, you can turn the knitted pattern.

And that’s the most important thing,” Schmmedes said.

The two knited buttons can also turn the pattern on or off.

Schmesedes said that if the knit pattern is turned on, the hat will turn itself on too.

“When the hat is on, you have to press down and the hat starts to knit.

And the hat always comes out,” she said.