How to Install a Die Cutting Machine in Your House: 1) Remove the baseboard 2) Cut the baseboards 2.5mm plywood is the cheapest, but you may want to buy a longer piece for the legs and feet.

3) Measure the distance between the legs, feet and baseboard.

This will determine the thickness of the baseplate.

4) Use a power drill to cut the baseplates using a small diameter drill bit and drill holes through the base.

5) Place the die cutting head in the hole and screw the head to the base using a screwdriver or small flathead screwdriver.

6) You will want to put a strip of the wood under the base so the wood doesn’t fall off.

If you can’t, you can also cut the legs or feet off with a hacksaw.

7) Place a small flat screw on top of the screws to keep the base in place and attach it to the machine using the other flat screw.

8) You can use the base as a workbench for the machine.

You can also attach the machine to the workbench by using a wood glue stick to glue it to it. 9) After you attach the base to the other machine, make sure the legs are still connected to the legs on the machine, and that the legs have enough room to support the weight of the machine and legs.

10) Remove all the screws, the base, and the legs.

11) Replace the base with the other one.

12) Remove and replace the screws that are on the base and the machine base.

13) Apply glue and use a rubber mallet to remove any glue residue.

14) Attach the legs to the rest of the legs using a rubber piece to connect the legs together.

15) Attaching the legs gives you access to the power drill.

16) Attached the legs give you access for the power tool.

17) Using a screw driver, turn the power off the machine while the machine is still powered on. 18) Remove one of the screw threads on the power driver and unscrew it from the power adapter.

19) Using an angle grinder, grind a small hole into the side of the power plug.

20) Remove a small piece of wood that you can put in the power jack.

21) Remove power plug, plug and screw and then reconnect the power to the circuit.