Machine noise is the buzzword of the 21st century.

The world’s digital revolution is about to take off, and we’ve all heard of the buzzwords that people are using to describe it.

Here’s what the buzz words are and how they work.1.

Noise machine machine A machine that sounds an artificial tone to simulate a human’s voice or to get rid of dust and debris.

Machines can also sound like a computer.

A machine can produce the same amount of noise as a human voice.2.

Noise pollution machine A device that creates noise to reduce pollution.3.

Noise mower machine A tool that cuts down the noise produced by the wheels of a mower.4.

Noise mill machine A method of removing noise from a microphone by making it emit sound.5.

Noise recorder machine A sound recorder that produces sound files from recordings.6.

Noise generator machine A type of digital signal processor that can create digital sounds, as opposed to analog signals.7.

Noise valve machine A valve to reduce noise in a machine, such as the noise generator machine in a mowing machine.8.

Noise mask machine A mask to reduce the amount of natural sound produced by a machine.9.

Noise detector machine A detector to detect noise that would be harmful to human health.10.

Noise-sensitive machine machine that produces noise that can be detected with a noise sensor.11.

Noisey machine machine designed to produce sound that would make the human ear uncomfortable, like a toy, and the machine would not work in a noisy environment.12.

Noise to noise machine A process that produces the sound of a human vocalization.13.

Noise wave generator machine that generates sound waves of different frequencies.14.

Noise source machine machine for making sound or noise that produces electrical energy.15.

Noise switcher machine to convert electrical signals to noise.16.

Noise gate machine to prevent unwanted noise in electrical circuits.17.

Noise counter machine to reduce electrical noise generated by a computer in an electrical circuit.18.

Noise switch machine to switch off the power to electronic devices when there is too much noise in the system.19.

Noise sensor machine for detecting the noise in electromagnetic waves or from radio frequencies.20.

Noise transformer machine to transform radio signals to sound.21.

Noise meter machine to measure electrical power from a signal or to calculate voltage.22.

Noise logger machine that logs noise generated from the radio frequency spectrum to a file or to a log.23.

Noise filter machine to remove or reduce the noise generated when noise filtering is used.24.

Noise reducer machine that removes unwanted noise.25.

Noise amplifier machine that creates a digital signal that will reduce the sound intensity in the audio signal, like an amplifier.26.

Noise transceiver machine that converts a radio signal into digital audio signals.27.

Noise monitor machine that monitors the noise emitted by electronic devices.28.

Noise processor machine that makes a digital sound by analyzing signals in a digital audio signal.29.

Noise removal device machine that can remove noise from electronic equipment and reduce noise level.30.

Noise absorber machine to absorb noise generated at an electrical component or from electrical current.31.

Noise buffer machine that buffers the sound produced from radio frequency waves.32.

Noise collector machine that collects sound to prevent it from being amplified.33.

Noise receiver machine that picks up the sound from radio waves and converts it into digital signals.34.

Noise sequencer machine that records sound and stores it in a memory or to generate an audio file.35.

Noise purifier machine to eliminate unwanted noise from radio or electronic equipment.36.

Noise trap machine that traps sound from a radio or electric noise source in an enclosed space.37.

Noise monitoring device that detects the radio noise emitted from an electronic device and uses noise sensors to determine the intensity of the radio or digital signal.38.

Noise transmitter machine that transmits noise to an electronic component or to an audio component through a wire or through a cable.39.

Noise blocker machine to block the noise of an electronic or radio component from reaching the audio component.40.

Noise reduction device machine to cut noise in an electronic system or from electronic signals.41.

Noise reaver machine that allows noise to be released from an electrical device by cutting or otherwise reducing the amount.42.

Noise transfer machine to transfer digital audio data from one device to another device.43.

Noise capture machine that captures sound from an audio signal and records it in an audio format.44.

Noise decoder machine that decodes sound by using sound generators to generate sounds.45.

Noise converter machine that uses sound generators or other methods to convert digital audio to digital audio.46.

Noise combiner machine that combines digital audio and digital audio input to convert audio data to digital data.47.

Noise limiter machine to limit the noise levels in a signal.48.

Noise suppression machine that filters the noise from an optical or radio signal.49.

Noise control machine that controls noise levels.