Micro Machines has announced the launch of its new crunch machine called the Ab Crunch Machine, which is based on the popular Ab Crunch machine from the company’s previous line of machines.

The new Ab Crunch machines come in two sizes, a standard sized model that can handle up to 500,000 pieces, and the ultra-compact, 5-piece model which can handle 5,000,000.

The machines have been in production for the past few months and can be ordered now from Micro Machines for $79.99.

Micro Machines is hoping to get into the crunching business for a very large scale with the Ab-Crunch Machine, but will likely have to focus on smaller-scale machines first.

In order to make the Ab crunch machine a viable option for business users, Micro Machines made it available to customers with an optional contract option.

Micro’s new crunch machines will be available in a variety of sizes and are designed to be compact and simple to assemble.

They come in four different colors, each with different patterns on their blades.

Micro also announced that it has also partnered with Kiva, which helps companies with small- and medium-sized businesses get the best price on their machines.

Micro machines is currently focused on building out its online shop, and there is an announcement expected to be made in the coming weeks regarding this.

The company also announced plans to make more smaller- and midrange-sized machines available in 2018.

Micro Machine also has a few other upcoming devices in the works, including a miniaturized scanner, an industrial robot, and a machine that will be used for cleaning.