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When is the next Steam Machine coming?

Posted August 05, 2018 03:12:22There are currently two machines that are currently in production, one for the Xbox One and one for PC.The machines are both a combination of Steam Machines, with the latter also a Steam Controller.The first machine is a $399 machine with a dual controller, and it’s also one of the first […]

How to stop the war machine

By Nicholas Reeves The US and its allies are fighting a war on terror.They’re waging war against Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and a host of other violent extremists.The US government has claimed it’s fighting the war on terrorism to stop attacks like 9/11 and the Charleston massacre.But its bombing campaigns have targeted civilians, including […]

Why are sewing machines making people fat?

By now, you’ve probably seen a few articles about the growing obesity epidemic in the United States.But, until now, there’s been no definitive answer.And that’s largely because, for decades, the obesity epidemic has been hidden by the fact that most of the research has been done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Now, […]

Which sewing machine is the best?

Here are the top machine embroiders in the US.The machines can be purchased from home, or purchased online.1.DMC DMC4, $3,399 3.Zydeco Zydecom 3, $2,799 4.Dyson Nano Air 3,$2,299 5.Crayola 3D-Jet, $1,599 6.Kmart Z-3, $839 7.Yotpo Yotpr3,$799 8.IKEA 4, $999 9.J.Crew J Crew, $5,699 10.Nespresso Nespro, $4,699 11.Elvira 4x, $599 12.Dior Cosmetics Cosmetics, $299 13.Target CVS, […]

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